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This Incredible Orbit Map of Our Solar System Makes Our Brains Ache 这张令人难以置信的太阳系轨道图让我们眼花缭乱 If you want to know what a talent for scientific visualizations looks like, check out Eleanor Lutz. She's a PhD student in biology at the University of Washington, and at her website Tabletop Whale, you can see her amazing work on full display. 如果你想知道科学可视化的天才是什么样子的,看看埃莉诺·卢茨吧。她是华盛顿大学生物学博士研究生,在她的网站Tabletop Whale上,你可以看到她惊人的工作成果。 As the tagline at her website says, she produces "Charts, infographics, and animations about any and all things science." 正如她网站上的标语所说,她制作“任何与科学有关的图表、信息图表和动画”。 This includes things like a "Visual Compendium of Glowing Creatures," "All the Stars You Can See From Earth," and a beautiful topographic map of Mercury. 这包括“发光生物的视觉概要”、“你能从地球上看到的所有星星”和一张美丽的水星地形图 But it's her newest project that is garnering her a lot of attention in the space community. Lutz is working on an Atlas of Space, and has been for the last year and a half. It's a collection of ten visualizations including planets, moons, and outer space. 但更引人注目的是她最新的研究太空的项目。卢茨正在绘制一幅太空地图集,已经研究了一年半了。它是包括行星、卫星和外层空间在内的十种可视化的集合。 As she says on her website, "I've made an animated map of the seasons on Earth, a map of Mars geology, and a map of everything in the solar system bigger than 10 km." 正如她在她的网站上说的,“我做了一张地球上季节的动画地图,一张火星地质地图,还有一张太阳系中所有大于10千米的东西的地图。”

It's that map of objects larger than 10 km that is generating buzz. 这张10千米以上物体的地图引起了轰动。 All of the data for Lutz's Atlas of Space is public data, freely available. She gets if from sources like NASA and the US Geological Survey. 卢茨太空地图集的所有数据都是公共数据,免费提供。她从NASA和美国地质调查局(US Geological Survey)等机构获取信息。 Part of what drives her is that even though the data is public and freely available, it's raw. And taking that raw data and turning it into a helpful, and even beautiful, visualization, takes a lot of work. 促使她这样做的部分原因是,尽管这些数据是公开的、免费的,但它们是原始的。将原始数据转化为有用的,甚至是漂亮的可视化成品,需要做很多工作。 In an interview with Wired, Lutz said, "I really like that all this data is accessible, but it's very difficult to visualize. It's really awesome science, and I wanted everyone to be able to see it in a way that makes sense." 在接受《连线》杂志采访时,卢茨说:“我真的很喜欢所有这些数据都是可访问的,但可视化很难真的。这真的是了不起的科学,我希望每个人都能以一种有意义的方式来看待它。”

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