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Facebook is on the verge of launching its cryptocurrency next year, reports the BBC. Internally the currency is known as “GlobalCoin,” and the project itself is known as “Project Libra.” 据英国广播公司报道,Facebook即将在明年推出加密货币。在行业内部,货币被称为“GlobalCoin”,该项目本身被称为“天秤座项目”。 However, it’s not known if either of these names will be used as the currency’s name when it debuts to the public. 但是,目前尚不清楚这些名称中是否有一个会在向公众推出时用作货币名称。 Facebook seems to be in advanced stages of planning the cryptocurrency, as the BBC reports that Mark Zuckerberg himself met with the Bank of England’s governor Mark Carney to discuss the opportunities and risks of launching a cryptocurrency. Facebook似乎处于计划加密货币的高级阶段,因为英国广播公司报道马克扎克伯格本人会见了英国央行行长马克卡尼,讨论启动加密货币的机会和风险。 Facebook has also sought advice on regulatory and operational issues from the U.S. Treasury Department, suggesting the company’s cryptocurrency plans are in the end stages. Facebook还向美国财政部寻求有关监管和运营问题的建议,暗示该公司的加密货币计划已进入最后阶段。 Facebook is also reportedly in talks with money transfer firms like Western Union, as it hopes to find cheaper and faster ways for people without bank accounts to send money abroad. 据报道,Facebook也正在与西联汇款等转账公司进行谈判,因为它希望为没有银行账户的人找到更便宜,更快捷的方式向国外汇款。

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is also already in talks with some online merchants to accept the currency as a valid form of payment when it launches. 本月早些时候,“华尔街日报”报道,Facebook也在与一些在线商家进行谈判,以便在推出时将该货币作为有效的付款方式。 Of course, anyone who follows cryptocurrencies will know that virtually anyone can launch their own coin–it doesn’t take a company with the power or money of Facebook to do so. 当然,任何跟随加密货币的人都会知道,几乎任何人都可以推出自己的硬币 - 这并不会让拥有Facebook权力或资金的公司这样做。 But they’ll also know that cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. The coins can be riding high one day, and crashing the next. The BBC says Facebook is hoping to get around this volatility with its cryptocurrency by pegging it to a basket of established currencies, including the Japanese yen, the euro, and the U.S. dollar. 但他们也会知道加密货币是众所周知的不稳定因素。硬币可以在一天内被炒得很高,然后下一秒狠狠下跌。英国广播公司表示,Facebook希望通过将加密货币与一篮子现有货币(包括日元,欧元和美元)挂钩来解决这种波动现象。

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