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China has launched an app allowing users to identify nearby debtors and report those who appear to be shirking the responsibility of paying back what they owe. 中国推出了一款允许用户识别附近的债务人并报告欠账人的应用程序。 The Higher People's Court of Herbei in northern China released the software, called “a map of deadbeat debtors”, last week as an add-on to the popular WeChat messaging service. 中国北方的河北高级人民法院于上周发布了该软件,名为“老赖地图”,作为流行的微信的附加小程序。 Users are given an on-screen radar, which allows them to discover if there is anyone who owes money within a 500 metre radius, according to the state-owned China Daily newspaper. 据国有《中国日报》报道,用户根据屏幕上的雷达,让他们能够发现附近500米范围内的人是否有欠款情况。 Debtors' information is available to check through the app and individuals are encouraged to whistle-blow if they believe the person can afford to pay back what they owe but is refusing to do so. 用户可以通过应用程序查看债务人的信息看,鼓励用户举报有能力偿还他们的债务但却拒绝这样做的人。 “It's a part of our measures to enforce our rulings and create a socially credible environment,” a court spokesman said. 法院发言人说:“这是我们执行裁决和创造社会可信环境措施的一部分。” Chinese society generally frowns upon people in debt, with citizens who live a frugal existence viewed more favourably than those who live beyond their means. 中国社会普遍对有负债的人持负面印象,生活节俭的人比那些借钱打肿脸充胖子的人的更让人理解。 Overall household debt as a percentage of GDP is lower in China than in most Western countries, although this is beginning to change. 尽管中国的家庭债务占GDP的百分比总体上比西方国家低,但已经开始渐渐有了变化。

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