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A useful feature of Apple's wireless AirPods, designed to help hearing impaired, can also be used to engage in eavesdropping - and people's reactions are mixed. 苹果的无线耳机可是非常实用,不仅可以用来助听功能,而且还可以用于监听——而人们对此的反应不同。 The feature Live Listen was released with iOS 12, and according to Apple, can be used with AirPods to turn your iPhone iPad, or iPod touch into a microphone - which can then send sound to your AirPods. 根据苹果公司的消息, 随着系统iOS 12开启了Live Listen的功能,苹果无线蓝牙耳机AirPod可以将你的苹果手机,平板iPod变成麦克风——可以把声音传送到耳机。 “Live Listen can help you hear a conversation in a noisy area or even hear someone speaking across the room,” the website states. 网站上称:“Live Listen(实时监听)功能能够在一个吵杂的环境中听清楚对话,甚至可以听到某人在对面房间中的说话。” It's an accessibility feature mainly designed for the benefit for the hearing impaired. 这项功能主要是为听力损害人群设计的福利。 However, as some users have pointed out on Reddit, Live Listen also means Apple users can listen to conversations going on in another room - as long as their iPhone is in the room, they have their AirPods in and Live Listen is turned on. 不过在红迪网(Reddit)上一些用户称,苹果用户可以在另外一个房间通过此功能监听,只要他们的手机在房间内,打开Live Listen 功能,手里有耳机就行。 “If you have AirPods, you can press 'Live Listen' to 'On' and leave your phone in the room with someone and you can hear what they are saying, thank me later,” one person wrote. “如果你有苹果耳机,点击开启“实时监听”功能,把你的手机放在有人的房间里,你就可以知道他们在说什么了,可以晚点谢我。”一个用户这样写道。 To turn on Live Listen, AirPods must be on, at which point an ear symbol will appear in the iPhone drop-down control centre. 要打开监听功能,苹果耳机必须开着,在手机下拉的控制中心上会出现一个耳朵的标志。

Once on, the sensitivity of the microphone can be modified to pick up more or less sound. The previously little-known feature has gone viral, people are suggesting it will be a game-changer when it comes to eavesdropping. 一旦启用,麦克风的灵敏度可以选择声音大小。这个之前大家都不知道的小功能现在被疯传,有人就说,用上监听功能以后这会成为一个问题。 “This 'Live Listen' button on iPhone with the AirPods combination is going to cause some problems…” one person wrote. Another said: “Literally just bought AirPods to spy on people.” Before AirPods were released, the Live Listen feature only worked with Made for iPhone hearing aids. “这个手机配合耳机的一个监听功能会带来一些问题。。”一个用户写道。另一个说:“这不就是买了耳机来监听嘛。”在耳机正式使用之前,这个实时监听是用来帮助听力障碍人士的。

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